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Thank you for the feedback Heather. I will add this request to our enhancements list for an upcoming release. Thanks...
by Kevin Fielding on Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Thanks Heather - we've got some additions to the reporting functionality tentatively roadmapped, although not yet planne...
by Kevin Fielding on Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Hi Kevin - This remains an issue on our site - it's not intuitive to need to do two different searches for the same thin...
by CCS_Heather on Thursday, June 21, 2012
excellent news. thanks!
by cameron on Monday, May 14, 2012
Hi cameron - haven't forgotten about this and we believe this makes sense to expose but I can't commit to a timeframe ju...
by Kevin Fielding on Monday, May 14, 2012
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Do you have some feedback for us? If there is any components of our software you would like to see added or changed feel free to post your thoughts here. We'd encourage you to be as clear as possible about why you like or don't like certain features so that other clients can weigh in with their thoughts as well. Also feel free to suggest that we actually remove certain components of the system that just aren't getting enough traction for you. All feedback is welcome!
User signatures in original posts
Posted by ADAMateo
Wednesday, Febuary 16, 2011
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I understand having an original post in Discussions be shorter on subsequent pages, but I don't understand why signatures are not included on an original post at all. Isn't that remedied by the "Show more" feature you've enabled?

It makes great sense to me for users to know who is writing a post, aside from just seeing a picture and username. More so in the original post than in replies, even. It's awkward that a user's sig would appear in replies and not in his/her original post. Most regular users in our community are in agreement about this and have complained to me.
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    Kevin Fielding: Thanks Matt. I'll track this for conversation for future releases. Anyone else have a strong opinion one way or the other?

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    ADAMateo: I see this listed as "accepted" now. Does that mean it will be included in future review? If so, huzzah! If not, I'd like to re-emphasize that it's something people ask for in our community every day.

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    kcoleman: Hi Matt, We certainly agree and the 'accepted' status means it will be out in a future release, yes :). We're targeting our Q2 release for this item. Thanks for the feedback!

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    Kevin Fielding: Hey Matt, this has been updated as of our May minor release. Thanks!