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Notes about our REST APIs:
Version 1.0 of ThePort's RESTful APIs will contain basic GET and POST verbs. (note: the DELETE verb will not be supported until a later release). Note that ThePort has no intention of supporting the PUT HTTP verb. We will be using POST for all insert / update transactions.

Additionally, the REST APIs will automatically expose ALL GET requests both as XML (natively) and as JSON. In a later release, data will be exposed as RSS and will also include a callback parameter for JSONP (JSON with Padding)

All communities support two developer keys: A read-only key which can only be used to access GET methods and a read/write key which can access both GET and POST methods *PLEASE DO NOT EXPOSE THE READ/WRITE KEY IN CLIENT-SIDE REQUESTS!!!*

Base URL: All API calls stem from this URL


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The following are the supported querystring operators (note some are required)

Querystring Name Status Values Notes
devkey Required   Devkey is available in Admin under Community Settings --> Remote Commenting
sysuserid Required (for POST) Integer Required for POST transactions, this tells the system the userID of the user committing the transaction
format Optional XML, JSON  
sortby Optional   Depends on API call. See method documentation
sortdirection Optional ASC, DESC  
numresults Optional 1-50 Max results is 50
startposition Optional Integer Allows for paging of results. Used in conjunction with numresults
filterby Optional   Pipe-separated list of parameters to filter results by